Are Crypto Investors Savvy or Suckers? The UK’s Tax and Financial Regulators Don’t Agree

CoinDesk Opinion. The two agencies' differing opinions are impeding the development of comprehensive guidelines that would protect investors and ensure crypto's development.
4 min read

We All Need to Stop Only Seeing the Dark Side of Crypto

WIRED Magazine essay on the real world usage of cryptocurrencies in the developing world.
6 min read

The Quest for Perp AMMs

Article on decentralised perpetual futures for Deribit Insights. Co-authored with Dr. Abdulla Al-Kamil.
10 min read
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Bitcoin 2021 - What To Do When Your Country Bans Bitcoin

Main stage panel appearance with Alejandro Machado, Matt Odell & Francis Pouliot.
1 min read
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On The Brink - On Bitcoin adoption trends in Cuba

With Nic Carter
0 min read

Disrupting ransom payments

Originally published on CoinDesk
3 min read

Social Proof of Work

On why many intellectual jobs are pretend jobs, why pretend work is actually a valid way of assessing real work, ponzi schemes and imposed structure
19 min read

Ugocsa Non Coronat - the Visegradation of the European Union

Is Eastern Europe becoming more like Western Europe, or is Western Europe becoming more like the East?
4 min read

DeFi needs a Silk Road moment

Originally published on CoinDesk, I argue that if decentralised finance (DeFi) is going to be both useful and uncensorable, we will see it adopted by organised crime.
5 min read

Why Cuba is primed for bitcoin adoption

Originally published on CoinDesk.
3 min read