Disrupting ransom payments

Originally published on CoinDesk
3 min read

Social Proof of Work

On why many intellectual jobs are pretend jobs, why pretend work is actually a valid way of assessing real work, ponzi schemes and imposed structure
19 min read

Ugocsa Non Coronat - the Visegradation of the European Union

Is Eastern Europe becoming more like Western Europe, or is Western Europe becoming more like the East?
4 min read

DeFi needs a Silk Road moment

Originally published on CoinDesk, I argue that if decentralised finance (DeFi) is going to be both useful and uncensorable, we will see it adopted by organised crime.
5 min read

Why Cuba is primed for bitcoin adoption

Originally published on CoinDesk.
3 min read

My thoughts on Cambridge Analytica

On my role in unearthing the Cambridge Analytica scandal and why psychographic advertising does not work.
6 min read

A day using money in Cuba

Cuba is a puzzling country, especially when it comes to money. It is the only country in the world with a dual currency system.
19 min read

Restarting your sales after a coronavirus lockdown

Using a MCMC BTYD model to estimate which of your clients would have purchased had the lockdown not happened.
6 min read

Automating my business

Using scripts to automate menial tasks.
7 min read

Where I was in 2018

Visualising my location in 2018.
2 min read