Films watched in 2022

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A seven hour long Hungarian film marathon by Béla Tarr.

This film is shown surprisingly often in London, usually with two intermissions.

The Queen of Spades

A quaint oldie film, fairly well done.

The Room

Watching this was a lot of fun. Big cult following at the cinema, the audience was shouting out every line. You get spoons when stepping in as well.

Jackie Brown

A Tartantino classic. Some say its his best, but apparently if you say this to Quentin’s face he’ll get angry at you.

Triangle of Sadness

Contemporary Swedish film. A bit overexplained and too long.

El Patron

Really enjoyed this Spanish film about a morally questionable corporate leader of a factory.


Strange but enjoyable Jordan Peele film.

Top Gun

Mr Cruise does the usual stunts.

In the mood for love

Somewhat slow but enjoyable classic by Wong Kar-wai.