My thoughts on Cambridge Analytica

On my role in unearthing the Cambridge Analytica scandal and why psychographic advertising does not work.
6 min read

A day using money in Cuba

Cuba is a puzzling country, especially when it comes to money. It is the only country in the world with a dual currency system.
19 min read

Restarting your sales after a coronavirus lockdown

Using a MCMC BTYD model to estimate which of your clients would have purchased had the lockdown not happened.
6 min read

Automating my business

Using scripts to automate menial tasks.
7 min read

Where I was in 2018

Visualising my location in 2018.
2 min read

Automating SMS & email

A smart email & SMS bot on AWS using R.
3 min read

Tale of two Johns

The fact that the highest rungs have male feet all over them is scant comfort for the men at the bottom.
4 min read

Cuba’s short term property rental market 2017-2018

The impacts of President Trump's policies.
3 min read

How to generate a Bitcoin vanity address using a Mac

Generating a vanity address
2 min read

My time in Utrecht

A review of my graduate education. What I learned in the last two years and what I hope to achieve in the next five.
12 min read