A tale of two Johns

Why do men called John outnumber all women as CEOs, Senators and on death row?

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How to generate a Bitcoin vanity address using a Mac

A not very good instruction that nonetheless worked for me.

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On proof of work and competitive industries: Ponzis, bubbles, buying high and selling low

On why many intellectual jobs are pretend jobs, why pretend work is actually a valid way of assessing real work, and on how pretend work can be used as a ponzi scheme with others at the top.

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My time in Utrecht

A review of my graduate education. What I learned in the last two years and what I hope to achieve in the next five.

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Leaflet timeline in R

How to make a timeline of GPS measurements.

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Time Series analysis for Facebook message volume

Made for a class. Thought I'd share.

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Raising money for friends hurt by Hurricane Irma

For the last year I have been helping people in Cuba sell tourism services online. In practice, this usually means creating accomodation listings on sites like Airbnb...

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Implementing a Kalman filter in R for Android GPS measurements

I've been playing around with my data from Google...

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Costa Rican Saints

One of the first things a traveller notices when going to Costa Rica is that almost every town or city is named after a Saint. Growing up in Costa Rica, I just assumed this was something true of all Latin American countries, a legacy of Spanish colonial times. California has San Jose, San Fransisco, etc. I thought it was like that from California to Argentina. After some travelling in Latin America I realised this was simply not true. Read On →

Bayesian Images

Graphs to accompany my poster presentation. The data set The generated data is plotted below: Metropolis Hastings Algorithm This visual explanation of the Metropolis Hastings algorithm shows the proposal and the true density along with the Metropolis Hastings step. It was inspired and adapted from code by Balazs Torok. Diagnostic Plots for Beta 2 via Gibbs Sampler Autocorrelation Plot The autocorrelations are negligable, suggesting good mixing. Running Means Plot The running means have settled. Read On →